BS Radiation Therapy Sample Plan of Study

Semester 1
Orientation for Radiological Sciences (2 credits)
Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits)
Principles/Practices of Radiation Therapy (3 credits)
Clinical Oncology I (3 credits)
Radiation Therapy Technical I (3 credits)
Semester 2
Medical and Professional Ethics/Patient Care (1 credits)
Imaging and Sectional Anatomy (4 credits)
Clinical Rotation I (4 credit)
Clinical Oncology II (3 credits)
Semester 3
Radiation Therapy I (3 credits)
Dosimetry/Treatment Planning I (3 credits)
Clinical Rotation II (3 credits)
Radiation Biology (3 credits)
Semester 4
Radiation Therapy II (3 credits)
Dosimetry/Treatment Planning II (3 credits)
Clinical Rotation III (4 credit)
QA and Radiation Safety (3 credits)
Semester 5
Comprehensive/Exam Review (3 credits)
Radiation Therapy Dept. Mgmt. (2 credits)
Clinical Rotation IV (4 credit)
Introduction to Medical Physics (1 credit)
Introduction to Cancer Care and Nanomedicine (2 credits)
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