Master of Science in Health Physics


Core Courses (39 credits required)
HP501Advanced Radiation Dosimetry2 credits
MP502Radiation Biology3 credits
HP509Advanced Radiological Instrumentation3 credits
MHP510Health Physics/Radiation Safety3 credits
MHP602Reactor Health Physics3 credits
MHP606Environmental Health Physics2 credits
HP612Advanced Environmental Health Physics2 credits
HP514Radiation Emergencies2 credits
HP513Hazardous Waste Handling2 credits
MHP605Regulations and Licensing2 credits
MHP603Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety2 credits
HP517Accelerator Health Physics1 credits
HP518Environmental Epidemiology1 credits
HP519Public Law and Policy1 credits
MP599SeminarsA4 credits
HP699Internship6 credits

A Required to complete four 1-credit Seminars courses

Elective Courses (6 credits required)
MP503Physics of Diagnostic Radiology3 credits
MP504Physics of Nuclear Medicine3 credits
HP611Advanced Reactor Health Physics1 credits
MATH502Advanced Mathematical Methods2 credits