Medical Physics

Course Curriculum

Core Curriculum
Core Courses (40 credits required)

MP501Radiation Dosimetry4 Credits
MP502Radiation Biology3 Credits
MP503Physics of Diagnostic Radiology3 Credits
MP504Physics of Nuclear Medicine3 Credits
MP505Physics of Radiation Oncology I3 Credits
MP506 Physics of Radiation Oncology II 3 Credits
MP508Radiological Instrumentation2 Credits
MHP510Health Physics and Radiation Safety3 Credits
MP520Computer Systems in Medicine2 Credits
MP590Medical and Professional Ethics 1 Credit
MATH401Mathematical Methods3 Credits
MATH402Advanced Mathematical Methods2 Credits
MP599Seminars*1 Credit
MP699Clinical Internship4 Credits
*Four sessions required for a total of four (4) credits
Elective Courses (9 credits required)
MP611Physics of Brachytherapy3 Credits
MP613Physics of Nuclear Oncology3 Credits
MP615Physics of Proton Therapy2 Credits
MD689Medical Dosimetry Lab1 Credit
MP603 Advanced Diagnostic Radiology 2 Credits
MP602 Advanced Radiation Biology2 Credits
MP601Shielding Design 2 Credits
MP698Independent Study in Medical Physics1-4 Credits
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