Medical Physics

Sample Plan of Study

Semester 1 (Offered every Fall)
Radiation Dosimetry (4 credits)
Radiation Biology (3 credits)
Physics of Diagnostic Radiology (3 credits)
Seminars (1 credit)
Semester 2 (Offered every Spring)
Physics of Nuclear Medicine (3 credits)
Physics of Radiation Oncology I (3 credits)
Radiological Instrumentation           (2 credits)
Seminars (1 credit)


Clinical Internship (4 credits)
Semester 3 (Offered every Fall beginning Yr 2)
Physics of Radiation Oncology II (3 credits)
Health Physics and Radiation Safety (3 credits)
Mathematical Methods (3 credits)
Seminars (1 credits)
Semester 4 (Offered every Fall beginning Yr 2)
Computer Systems in Medicine (2 credits)
Medical and Professional Ethics (1 credit)
Advanced Mathematical Methods (2 credits)
Seminars (1 credit)
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