Course Curriculum

Core Curriculum (37 credits required)

MP501 Radiation Dosimetry 4 Credits
MP502 Radiation Biology 3 Credits
MP503 Diagnostic Radiology 3 Credits
MP505 Radiation Oncology I 3 Credits
MP508 Radiological Instrumentation 2 Credits
MP603 Advanced Diagnostic Radiology 2 Credits
NM540 Nanotechnology I 3 Credits
NM541 Nanotechnology II 3 Credits
NM550 Nanomedicine I 4 Credits
NM551 Nanomedicine II 4 Credits
NM598 Nanomedicine Seminar I 1 Credit
NM599 Nanomedicine Seminar II 1 Credit
NM699 Clinical Internship 4 Credits
Elective Courses (4 credits required)
MHP510 Health Physics and Radiation Safety 3 Credits
MP506 Physics of Radiation Oncology II 3 Credits
MP613 Physics of Nuclear Oncology 3 Credits
MP602 Advanced Radiation Biology 2 Credits
MP611 Physics of Brachytherapy 3 Credits
MP615 Physics of Proton Therapy 2 Credits
MHP601 Shielding Design 2 Credits
MD689 Medical Dosimetry Lab 1 Credit
NM560 Research/Design Sequence in Cancer Nanomedicine 2 Credit
MP698 Independent Study in Medical Physics 1-4 Credits
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