Communication Policy

Radiological Technologies University reserves the right to send official communications to students via email with the expectation that students will receive and read these messages in a timely fashion.  Communications may also be initiated through internal communication features of the Campus Course Management System (Pass-A-Notes, News Announcements, Message of the Day, etc.).

Students are expected to check their email (the email provided by the student for their student profile) frequently and consistently to receive University-related communications.  
Students that have their email address on file for Radiological Technologies University forwarded to an alternate email address do so at their own risk.  The University is not responsible for issues that may impact property or timely transmission of, or access to, email forwarded to any other email address.  Problems that arise from this will not absolve the student of their responsibility to be aware of and comply with information provided by Radiological Technologies University via email or internal communication features of the Campus Course Management System.

Please be advised that email is not considered to be a secure medium for sensitive and confidential information.  Students may contact the Director of Administrative Services at (574) 232-2408 for advice on the most secure way to send potentially sensitive and confidential information to Radiological Technologies University.